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The Other Mothers

The Other Mothers is a creative non-fiction work-in-progress, which I am writing for my PhD.

The project involves creative practice as research, alongside critical approaches, to culminate in the production of a multi-subject biographical narrative of women who have become mothers through adoption, surrogacy and egg donation, and their silent partners – birth mothers, surrogates and egg donors – whose stories remain largely untold.

The project is situated in the context of other contemporary life writing, including women’s life writing, multi-subject biographies, writing about living/unknown subjects and writing interweaving biographical and autobiographical elements.

The critical investigation explores the history and traditions of life writing and its subgenres, the ethics and methodologies of the project, the nature of truth, techniques and debates around transforming life into literature, and reflections on my personal journey through the project.

Conference papers:

‘Through the Looking Glass: Biographical Writing as Self-reflection’ at Storying the Self Symposium,  University of Brighton (29 March 2017).

‘Creative Writing Research: An investigation’ seminar at Senate House (8 December 2015). Reading from work-in-progress and discussion of critical context. Run by Open University/Institute of English Studies Contemporary Culture of Writing Seminar Series.

kay‘Other Mothers’ Children: Representations of the adoptive triangle in contemporary life writing’ at Writing Women’s Lives Research Conference, Bath Spa University (25-26 April 2015) run by BSU Life Writing Research Network.

Life writing publications:

My life writing piece, Violent Possibility, appeared in issue 3 of Friction Magazine, published by Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts.
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